Life and Limb

from by Krelboyne



My back turned to you

You just had to go and pull the trigger
That blasted me into a seemingly endless exile
Don't act like you haven't done this before
Because I have it on a good authority
You got a knack for breaking hearts

You self destruct

Now I am lost in space again
Floating on the ghost of an empire
I used to think I knew exactly how this would end
Fragments of your broken body
Have been dancing all around
I can see your lips still moving
But there's no sound

So you call, and I listen
But I couldn't say a thing
And he called, so I listen
But I didn't say a thing

Why am I still bleeding
from a wound so paper thin
Caught in a gorgeous ceremony of disintegration
You said "it's nice while it lasted"
But these past few weeks
I've been fighting life & limb
And you don't seem to understand that I tried

You are the rain pouring down on me
and I feel you're cold, wet touch all over me

Your beauty will fade eventually
But these memories will stay
They will always haunt me

(Abandoned in the streets with nothing left
she decides to take from others
by framing her morbid picture in gold)

Until you fade away
I will never find peace

(Dishonorable vampire enchantress
makes her attention seem worth my soul
she'll drain me so close to empty
there's only two ways I'll let go)

But who's to blame
when I let her starve me
Fed her all I had so when I died
she had nothing

(That night I held you close
And I spilt your blood)


from Ghost of an Empire, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Krelboyne Illinois

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