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You're night, you're day
and you're everything in between
You are never quite what you seem
Yeah, I gave you a match
And you burnt the whole house down
Never the weight to plant yourself
On solid ground
You hope for
You wish for
You pray for mercy

You exist within
senses beyond sight
you're everything
at least that's what I'll want
to believe
to justify my feelings
when the truth
is that I'm repressed
by a society
that would make me feel emasculate
if I told anyone how I feel
or that I love them
they taught me not to cry
but instead live for the pain,
yeah I ask for it
by being with you:
I know it's wrong for me

but I won't tell anyone
'cause I want you to hurt me
I want you to cut me loose
so when
you fall from my pedestal
you break on the pavement below

Fall out of safe
dishonest sleep
into reality,
you never met your one true love
you just connected with someone
for the first time in your life

it feels so good
you're hooked
won't ever get

go any distance just to get your fix
idolize every woman you kiss
you don't know yourself

you don't know yourself


from Ghost of an Empire, released February 3, 2017



all rights reserved


Krelboyne Illinois

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