Linger || The Light Fades

by Krelboyne

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Recorded by Aaron Wood in the middle of nowhere outside of Sullivan, Il.

Photography by Veronica Mullen.

Available on cassette via Sonic Dust Records:


released October 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Krelboyne Illinois

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Track Name: Broken Teeth
As revelations deafen me
I'm overcome with apathy
I'm so sick and tired
I lack the desire to breathe

Over the years I've been
chewing through the bindings
(with apathy)
Now I've got nothing to show
(can't find reason)
but these broken teeth,
(just to breathe).
Track Name: Exist
It's been a while since I've cared to smile
I've stopped counting down the days
Now I want to fade away
and try to forget your face,
your name, and the way you said goodnight to me
But I can't forget how you lied to me

So tell me why can't I erase you from my mind
One moment in time gone forever
You'd never exist

It's been a while since I've cared to smile
and its been this way for years
Now I've got to wake up
and face reality
But this cold memory keeps creeping in,
and I can't seem to find a reason for it.
Track Name: Torch
I should've guessed it
I should've known it all along
I can't change you
because you've been singing a different song
It's been years since I've felt strong
I feel I've carried this torch for far too long

When will I finally burn with someone
the way you do every night
When will I finally learn
there's no truth in your words

(I feel sick to my stomach
I just want to leave
Tell me what did motivate you
to turn your back on me)

There's no turning back tonight
Just turning words into fist fights
I hope you get what you deserve
Track Name: Fifty-Seven
drifting through empty days,
I try to slow the pace of the future
closing in
on me.

I'm unprepared,
don't see,
any path I think is worth following
to it's end.
cripples me,
I'm left standing in my place,
wondering why everyone I know
has passed me by
and left me standing alone,
when it's me.
Track Name: Pest
You told me a million times I know
I'm not that interested
to hear how you screwed up,
been beaten, chewed up, and spit out
So sorry if I don't take your unsolicited advice
Don't think I'm not doing what is right

This is what's best for me

Hopefully you will see in time
I was right all along
And one day you will wake up
from this delusion that you've lived for so long

Watch what you say about me
Do not doubt me, no
Although I've never been one to fist fight
I will stand my ground
I'm never backing down
I'm never losing faith in this
besides tonight we'll sacrifice
everything we've left to give

To live our dream
we'll give everything.
Track Name: Interlude
Everything changes too fast,
I'm never prepared for what my future may bring.
I cling to what I know.
Regardless of what's in store,
I only hope I can
do right by you.

you keep your head
above the sea,
keep you alive.
If only
to make myself
feel okay,
for what I've done,
and try to make amends.
Track Name: Northridge
Behind closed doors
I hear you sometimes still regret
leaving home for Northridge
California calls
I can't believe it's been over a year
and we're all still waiting here

I remember late night talks
driving home from the shows
fighting tired eyes
by blasting the stereo

closed doors you say
you miss your friends back home,
and those midwest summer nights.

Best friends wouldn't act like this
Best friends would've called
And I should've called.
Track Name: Cast
I've been wondering
how to shed my old skin
and start fresh
A blank canvas
to reimagine my sins

I'm not coming home tonight
not to another fight
It's just a matter of time

I guess I'll try my best to move on
Because I can't keep holding my breath
till you realize you're wrong

Cast off this skin and all of my sins
every bit of disobedience
Because once they're gone
I'll learn how to live again
forged in your image.
Track Name: Fade
Truly I do despise
how I was forced into this life
without consideration
to how awful this life would be
A painful existence
wrought with the thorns of life's old lesson

You're never going to get out alive
No, someday we're all going to die
I wish for you, my friend
that day comes quick and without pain
I hope you fade

I'll take solace in the end
I'll fade away with a smile on my face
Because feeling nothing is better than
what I've been feeling these days
Just let me fade away

I'll fade away
I'll finally be free of you.
Track Name: Static State
I've been stuck in between
everything that I've grown to love
and growing up
But I'm not gonna stop
So you can shut your mouth and go
Keep your opinions to yourself
I'm gonna work it out I swear
Last time that I saw you
you told me I'm "never going anywhere"

I cannot take another day
of this constant static state
the future paints with shades of gray
what lies ahead I cannot say

I've been playing tug of war
with who I am and who I used to be
It's going to take some time
to make it out of this damn city
I haven't felt alive
since that last week in July
and ever since I feel like
I'm just waiting here to die

I'm falling apart at the seams
I've made such a mess of everything
I can't tell you how much this means
to finally be leaving.
Track Name: Make
I didn't walk away from this
You can't deny your hand in making me
I know that I broke my promise
But when you broke my heart you made me

Why do I spend most my time
thinking about what's been making me so sad

She said "Walk away again"
But you know it's not my fault
I could only break your fall for so long
Now I'm done
because you pushed me away.
Track Name: Hole in my Sleeve
There's a hole in my sleeve
where my heart used to be
it won't let me forget
It's the same each time
I let someone have a piece of me
I'm never enough to satisfy their needs

I hope you're wondering
If you will ever find happiness
I was ripe on the vine
your fingers dancing across my sleeve
But you were too busy picking up bad seeds

You'll say we just weren't meant to be
But you're wrong
because our actions determine our fate
You can't face that you're at fault
So you pass the blame onto a faceless entity

Did you really think that would make me feel better
to liken me to a bottle in the sea
Although I feel like I'm drowning
fate has no bearing on me

I'm good enough as a friend you said
But that means I'm not good enough for more.