Ghost of an Empire

by Krelboyne

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released February 3, 2017

Krelboyne at the time of this recording was:

Annabelle Alexander
Tyler Day
Jacob LaGrou
Justin Pogue

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Aaron Wood (



all rights reserved


Krelboyne Illinois

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Track Name: Life and Limb
My back turned to you

You just had to go and pull the trigger
That blasted me into a seemingly endless exile
Don't act like you haven't done this before
Because I have it on a good authority
You got a knack for breaking hearts

You self destruct

Now I am lost in space again
Floating on the ghost of an empire
I used to think I knew exactly how this would end
Fragments of your broken body
Have been dancing all around
I can see your lips still moving
But there's no sound

So you call, and I listen
But I couldn't say a thing
And he called, so I listen
But I didn't say a thing

Why am I still bleeding
from a wound so paper thin
Caught in a gorgeous ceremony of disintegration
You said "it's nice while it lasted"
But these past few weeks
I've been fighting life & limb
And you don't seem to understand that I tried

You are the rain pouring down on me
and I feel you're cold, wet touch all over me

Your beauty will fade eventually
But these memories will stay
They will always haunt me

(Abandoned in the streets with nothing left
she decides to take from others
by framing her morbid picture in gold)

Until you fade away
I will never find peace

(Dishonorable vampire enchantress
makes her attention seem worth my soul
she'll drain me so close to empty
there's only two ways I'll let go)

But who's to blame
when I let her starve me
Fed her all I had so when I died
she had nothing

(That night I held you close
And I spilt your blood)
Track Name: The Beauty of Not Feeling Anything
You can't fight what you can't see
But I should've seen this coming
See, I'm still wrestling with your ghost
And the whiplash left my neck broke

And it's the same story every day
Just a new sad song to go with it
See I could write a million lines
But this shits starting to get old

See, I fell in love with dying
Because I fell in love with a ghost
But next time I won't choke
See, I fell in love with dying
And the beauty of not feeling anything

Her memories
off my brain
those membranes out from me

(numb me permanently)

And I've got this fear
A real toxic idea
And as death grows near
She will slowly disappear

And I kept your body in the freezer
Yeah, I kept you cold

(That night I held you close
Yes, I felt your ghost
When I split your blood)

I feel myself
pulling back
consciousness cowering
in the corner of the back of my mind
afraid to let me feel your pain

I sit here bathing in your blood
I wish I could separate the touch
Of secret skin, your secret skin
But I could never know your love
So I wish I could separate the touch
Of secret skin, your secret skin

Now you're so cold
So dead and cold
These hands cursed with death
And I'm wringing towels of blood and regret
And I can't find the right way, no
Whats it mean to be alive
Well, what's it mean
I can't stop thinking about this
Oh, and I can't stop feeling alone
No, I won't let you go

(And I won't let you walk away from me)

Are we even the same species
or are you something else entirely?
The expression on your face isn't of fear or of disgust
it's eternal peace.
Track Name: Cloak and Dagger
Crawl into the earth
Under leaves, and seeds, and dirt
Or I'll put you there myself
You're one step closer to hell

(And you'll never tell
The secrets I hide
Under my skin
Where do I begin?)

Hell's filled to it's brim
with people who speak just like you
tell me exactly what I want to hear
while behind your back
your hands are busy
working against your words
you play for time you act your part
you hide
behind the facade
of a love I know you made up.

But you won't admit it

(You don't care for me or for anyone)

(Crawl away)
Track Name: Beguiler
You're night, you're day
and you're everything in between
You are never quite what you seem
Yeah, I gave you a match
And you burnt the whole house down
Never the weight to plant yourself
On solid ground
You hope for
You wish for
You pray for mercy

You exist within
senses beyond sight
you're everything
at least that's what I'll want
to believe
to justify my feelings
when the truth
is that I'm repressed
by a society
that would make me feel emasculate
if I told anyone how I feel
or that I love them
they taught me not to cry
but instead live for the pain,
yeah I ask for it
by being with you:
I know it's wrong for me

but I won't tell anyone
'cause I want you to hurt me
I want you to cut me loose
so when
you fall from my pedestal
you break on the pavement below

Fall out of safe
dishonest sleep
into reality,
you never met your one true love
you just connected with someone
for the first time in your life

it feels so good
you're hooked
won't ever get

go any distance just to get your fix
idolize every woman you kiss
you don't know yourself

you don't know yourself